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Light It In Red

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I approached the current custodians of the Theatre of Small Convenience (Malvern Hills College, part of WCG Worcestershire) located along Edith Walk in the centre of Great Malvern to enquire about the possibility of illuminating the exterior of the Theatre on Tuesday 11th of August 2020 as part of the #LightItInRed #WeMakeEvents campaign to raise awareness and show support for our local amenities and for my friends and colleagues who work in the live events and theatre industries that have been decimated by the current Covid pandemic. Their industries were amongst the first to shut down and will most likely be the last to return.

I thought it would be a lovely story for the campaign to include one of the smallest theatres in the world (in 2002 the TOSC entered the Guinness book of World Records as the smallest Commercial Theatre) alongside over 700 other buildings lit in red across the country from the Albert Hall to smaller regional performance spaces.

I offered to instal my own equipment to light the exterior of the building using waterproof (IP rated) battery powered lighting fixtures (incase the weather changed) and so I could be self sufficient without having to draw on any of the theatres resources or staff.  I took along my stills camera and shot a stop motion animation of the #LightItInRed logo outside the theatre.  This involved using a clever bit of lighting/photography kit which creates imagery using a stick of LED lights which you move whilst the camera is fired remotely on a long exposure.  I shot multiple long exposures over approximately 2 hours and then edited them together to give the illusion that the logo was dancing or “performing” outside of the venue.  

Whilst onsite I was visited by the former custodian of the theatre Dennis Neale ( showing his support for the theatre.

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