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Project - rugby world cup 2019
Client - ITV Sport

With multiple studios in the UK and Japan the Presentation for Rugby World Cup 2019 was a logistical challenge to say the least.  


The time difference meant we were essentially night shift workers for 5 weeks in the UK but beautifully acclimatised for the Japan leg of the trip. 

The UK base in Maidstone studios utilised Mo-Sys star tracking on the cameras allowing content in the huge video screens behind the talent to be mapped to the perspective of the cameras and appear to the viewer at home as if they were viewing content through real windows.  


A demonstration area in the style of a traditional Japanese Dojo gave an opportunity for the pundits to expertly explain the technical aspects of play and show a more light hearted aspect of the game.


As the presentation teams transferred to Japan for the Quarter Finals the islands were hit by a catastrophic typhoon (Hagabis) putting the location studios sited in Toyko, Oita & Yokohama in doubt.  


The tournament continued with South Africa going on to beat England in the final.

studio build timelapse


Studio footage


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