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I've worked in the television industry for over 25 years, initially as a Runner, Camera Assistant, Camera Operator and most recently, over the past 15 years as a freelance Lighting Cameraman, Director of Photography (DoP) and Lighting Director (LD).

As a Camera Operator I've covered all genres of live television; producing DVD's for the likes of Beyonce & REM to Superslo-mo coverage of the Brazil World Cup Final in the Maracana.

I've been lucky enough to work all over the world as a Camera Supervisor for clients such as ITV, BBC, Sky and BT covering the Olympics & Commonwealth games, along with Football tournaments including the Champions League and Premier League.  I've covered live opera and theatre from The Royal Opera House, Shakespeare's Globe and the RSC and worked on shows such as Question Time, Crimewatch & Young Musician; I'm highly skilled in scripted camerawork, long lens, pedestal and remote camera operation.

As a Lighting Director & DoP I've been fortunate to be involved in some really exciting projects with fantastic people; winning innovation awards as part of the Discovery & ITV teams for our mixed reality studios in Korea & Russia, Baftas as part of the ITV Horse Racing and Rugby World Cup 2019 teams, along with winning the prestigious Knight of Illumination award as LD for ITV's Euro 2016 presentation studios in Paris with my partner in crime Mr Andy Cottey.

In my role as a Director of Photography I'm responsible for the overall look of the shoot and tasked with delivering the Directors vision on screen. This involves me specifying the cameras, lenses and grip equipment (cranes, dollies etc), creating the lighting design and working with the Production Designer and Graphics teams to seamlessly integrate the physical and virtual worlds. On some live shows I still operate as a Lighting Cameraman but in the larger studios where the lighting rigs are too big to monitor from the floor I take a comfy seat in lighting control and oversee things as the Lighting Director.  




  • Runner - Central Television Birmingham

  • Freelance Camera Assistant - Planet 24, Visions, 021 Television

  • Staff cameraman - 021 Television


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